Karl May Friends

Associations and connections


My Karl May translations are not associated with any other Karl-May-text-publisher, Karl-May-interest group, -club, -association, -foundation, or other Karl-May-organisation in any way, shape or form, world-wide, other than www.lulu.com print-on-demand publisher, for formatting, printing, and distribution of my Karl May translations; the translations of Karl May’s texts, as published during his lifetime, and as presented on www.karl-may-friends.net, which is my domain name that points to my Lulu shopfront, are ‘independently published by Marlies Bugmann’.

http://www.karl-may-friends.net is also the URL that links a network of friends from several continents who share the same passion: Karl May. The circle has long since expanded from Australia to America, Europe and other continents/countries, hence the designation ‘Australian’ in ‘Friends Of Karl May’ has become redundant, although the translations are created in Tasmania, Australia, where I reside. As of February, 2011, ‘Australian Friends Of Karl May’ will more precisely be referred to as www.karl-may-friends.net.


Marlies Bugmann, 2011

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