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Karl May, the creator of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand
Note to 'Adventure Novels', eight unique novels written especially for younger readers
Note to 'Travel Fiction Novels', the oevre that makes up the bulk of Karl May's writings

List of Adventure Novels

(Boys Adventures, so-called 'Jugenderzaehlungen', for Der Gute Kamerad. They are a unique series and thus listed separately).

Karl May's writing career spanned thirty-six years. He wrote around eighty novels during that time, of which only eight are 'Jugenderzaehlungen'. The eight adventure novels were written and published within a ten-year period from 1887 to 1897:

Der Sohn des Baerenjaegers (1887) [The Bear Hunter's Son, translated/published 2013/14]

Der Geist des Llano Estakata (1888), the name of the Llano was later corrected to 'estakado'. [The Phantom of Llano Estacado translated/published 2013/14]

Kong-Kheou, das Ehrenwort (1888/89), since 1892 titled Der Blaurote Methusalem

Die Sklavenkaravane (1889/90)

Der Schatz im Silbersee (1890/91) [The Treasure in Silver Lake, translated/published 2011/12]

Das Vermaechtnis des Inka (1891/92) [The Inca's Legacy, translated/published 2009]

Der Oelprinz (1893/94) [Translated as The Oil Baron; publishing Jan 2015]

Der schwarze Mustang (1896/97) [Black Mustang, translated/published: 2010]

Short biography of Karl May: Beginning
Short Karl May biography: early works and publishers
Short Karl May biography: Fehsenfeld and success
Short Karl May biography: trip to the Orient and to America
Short Karl May biography: pseudonyms and late works

Where available as English translation by Bugmann, the titles have been added in square brackets [...]; the publishing dates (of the translations) are of the latest editions.

Early Work

In his early work, Karl May experimented with several genres until he became comfortable with travel fiction work.

Selected titles of poems, short novellas, adventure stories and full length novels are:

Meine Einstige Grabinschrift (1872)

Die Rose von Ernstthal (1874)

Wanda (1875

Schaetze und Schatzgraeber (1875)

Die Fastnachtsnarren (1875)

Ein Stuecklein vom alten Dessauer (1875)

Inn-Nu-Woh (1875) [translated for Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh translated pubished 2007/8, Lulu ed 2009].

Old Firehand (1875) [part of Old Shatterhand - Genesis, translated pubished 2010/11 2012].

Das Buch der Liebe (1875/76) educational work

Geographische Predigten (1875/76) educational work [excerpts in Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh, published Lulu ed 2009]

Der beiden Quitzows letzte Fahrten (1876/77) unfinished; conclusion by someone else.

Auf hoher See gefangen (1877/78) also Auf der See gefangen, parts incorporated into Old Surehand II 1895 edition [translated as Captured at Sea: published Sept 2014].

Winnetou (reworked version of Inn-Nu-Woh) (1878) [translated for Savage To Saint: The Karl May Story; published Lulu ed. 2016 Inn-Nu-Woh translated for Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh, published Lulu ed. 2009].

Scepter und Hammer (1879/80)

Im fernen Westen (1879/80) heavily revised Old Firehand (1875) elimination of love story with Ellen, and introduction of Harry, later incorporated into Winnetou II.

Deadly Dust (1880) (slightly edited and later incorporated into the Winnetou Trilogy).

Die Juweleninsel (1880-82)

An Oil Fire (1882/3) [translated for Old Shatterhand - Genesis, published 2012].

Im Wilden Westen Nordamerikas (1883) (Winnetou's death heavily augmented later and incorporated into the Winnetou Trilogy).

Der Scout (1888) (revised and later incorporated into the Winnetou Trilogy) [part of  Old Shatterhand - Genesis, published 2012].

Im Mistake-Canyon (1890) (short story later incorporated into Old Surehand).

Colportage Novels

Das Waldroeschen (1822-84) (a part of it was incorporated into Old Surehand II 1895 edition). [Adapted and abridged as The Rodriganda Romances - Dr Sternau's Odyssey on Three Continents, published 2017]; see also [Out Of Vandaemonia - Winnetou & Shatterhand in Australia published 2016, for part of the Old Surehand II 1895 edition segment, adapted for the Australian novel].

Die Liebe des Ulanen (1883-85)

Der verlorene Sohn oder Der Fuerst des Elends (1884-86)

Deutsche Herzen - Deutsche Helden (1885-88)

Der Weg zum Glueck (1886-88)

All five novels were first published as series, anonymously or under pseudonym (which later caused May no end of trouble because of the verbal agreement under which he had written them), and then in book form where they each comprised several full length volumes.

Travel Fiction Novels

Publisher Friedrich Fehsenfeld produced Carl May's Collected Travel Novels, later known as Karl May's Collected Travel Tales, which totalled thirty-three volumes, beetween 1892 and 1910. Most of them had been published earlier, some were newly written for the Fehsenfeld 'green books'. Titles and volume numbers are as follows:

1 Durch Wueste und Harem (1892) since 1895 Durch die Wueste.

2 Durchs wilde Kurdistan (1892)

3 Von Bagdad nach Stambul (1892)

4 In den Schluchten des Balkan (1892)

5 Durch das Land der Skipetaren (1892)

6 Der Schut (1892)

7 Winnetou I (1893) also Winnetou der Rote Gentleman I [Winnetou I - Winnetou Trilogy Volume One,  rev ed publ 2013].

8 Winnetou II (1893) also Winnetou der Rote Gentleman II [Winnetou II - Winnetou Trilogy Volume Two, rev ed publ 2013].

9 Winnetou III (1893) also Winnetou der Rote Gentleman III [Winnetou III - Winnetou Trilogy Volume Three, rev ed publ 2013].

10 Orangen und Datteln (1893) a collection of short stories.

11 Am Stillen Ocean (1894) a collection of short stories.

12 Am Rio de la Plata (1894) [From The Rio De La Plata To The Cordilleras - Book 1, published Lulu ed 2009/10].

13 In den Cordilleren (1894) [From The Rio De La Plata To The Cordilleras - Book 2, published Lulu ed 2009/10].

14 Old Surehand I (1894) [Old Surehand - Book 1, published Lulu ed 2010].

15 Old Surehand II (1895) [see Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh  Old Shatterhand - Genesis as well as Faraway Fables for translations of individual stories].

16 Im Lande des Mahdi I (1896)

17 Im Lande des Mahdi II (1896)

18 Im Lande des Mahdi III (1896)

19 Old Surehand III (1897) [Old Surehand - Book 2, published Lulu ed 2010].

20 / 21 / 22 Satan und Ischariot I-II-III (1896/7) [translated as The Travels of Winnetou & Shatterhand (Satan & Jsharioth), 2013 published 2014 in one hard cover volume].

23 Auf fremden Pfaden (1897) a collection of short stories.

24 "Weihnacht!" (1897) ["Holy Night!", published Lulu ed 2010].

25 Am Jenseits (1899)

26 Im Reiche des silbernen Loewen I (1898) [Chapter 1 & 2, 'Dschafar' & 'Am Makik-Natun', translated and incorporated in 'Savage To Saint: The Karl May Story; published Lulu ed. 2016', as the text was originally written as the ending to the Winnetou trilogy.]

27 Im Reiche des silbernen Loewen II (1898)

The Author's Late Works

Himelsgedanken (1900) a collection of poems.

28 Im Reiche des silbernen Loewen III (1902)

Erzgebirgische Dorfgeschichten (1903) a collection of short stories.

29 Im Reiche des silbernen Loewen IV (1903)

30 Und Friede auf Erden (1904)

Babel und Bibel (1906) drama for the stage [selections part of the Fable Of Sitara, in Savage To Saint: The Karl May Story, published Lulu rev ed 2016]

31 Ardistan und Dschinnistan I (1909)

32 Ardistan und Dschinnistan II (1909)

33 Winnetou IV (1910) [Winnetou - Book 4, 100th Anniversary, and Expanded Edition, translated published 2009/2010].

Mein Leben und Streben (1910) autobiography.

Other Works

Freuden und Leiden eines Vielgelesenen (1896) autobiographical/promotional [The Joys And Agonies Of Being Karl May translated published 2008/9].

Ave Maria (1897) musical composition

Drei Menschheitsfragen: Wer sind wir? Woher kommen wir? Wohin gehen wir? (Lawrence, USA, 1908) talk and presentation.

Sitara, das Land der Menschheitsseele (Augsburg, 1909) talk.

Empor ins Reich der Edelmenschen (Vienna, 1912) talk [excerpts of fragmentary notes featured in Savage To Saint: The Karl May Story].

Marienkalendar Stories Faraway Fables (The Saviour has Risen, Old Cursing Dry, The Blizzard, A Mother's Love), translated published 2014)

After May's death, fragments of stories and dramas, lyrics, musical compositions, his library catalogue and letters, were among the documents of his estate; they have been published since then.

The above lists, especially concerning short stories, are by no means complete, for a comprehensive overview of all of Karl May's original titles, as published during his lifetime, as available in the Public Domain, please refer to the Karl May Society, (Karl-May-Gesellschaft - www.karl-may-gesellschaft.de).

Samples of all above English Karl May books are featured in Australian Friends Of Karl May: Winnetou And Old Shatterhand In Tasmania, free PDF available from this website. For a complete listing of all available English Karl May books by Marlies Bugmann, please visit http://www.karl-may-friends.net.

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