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... a hunt for three evil men - a lost romance - a treacherous temptress - and a stolen fortune.

2013 was filled with work on 'Satan und Jsharioth', which received the English title of 'The Travels of Winnetou & Shatterhand'. Again, the title choice has been considered at length, as the words 'Satan und Jsharioth' slightly over-emphasize the religious teint of the work; it has no more, and no less, religious content than any of Karl May's travel fiction novels. The English title points out that the novel features the Apache chief, Winnetou.

This is the first-ever publishing of Karl May’s novel 'Satan und Jsharioth' in its originally intended two-part format (May wrote it as a two-part work; it was published as a trilogy). 'The Travels of Winnetou & Shatterhand' contains an abstract reconstruction of the lost romance; the two parts are titled 'The Rock Fortress' and 'Krueger Bey, Ruler of Multitudes'. 'Satan und Jsharioth' was Karl May’s first Wild West travel fiction work that spanned more than one volume. It is also the only work that combines a story of the Wild West with a story of the Orient, incorporating both of his guises as Old Shatterhand and Kara ben Nemsi. It features the Apache chief Winnetou in the Orient. ~ A Hunt for Three Evil Men ~ A Lost Romance ~ A Treacherous Temptress ~ A Stolen Fortune.

The Travels Of Winnetou & Shatterhand (Satan und Jsharioth)


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