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Faraway Fables

Four short stories of a slightly different kind in pocket sized paperback.

For Easter 2014, I presented a small, pocket-sized translation of four stories with a difference. Karl May wrote short adventures for a group of catholic publications, end-of-year calendars. Of course, they have a greater religious teint, however, the calendar publications were one of May's most widely distributed promotional tools, they even took his works to America. Faraway Fables contains three Winnetou stories, and one story set in South America, where his fictional character, his alter ego, travelled under the name of 'El Rastreador' - contemplations for a peaceful Easter period.

This collection contains three stories of the Wild West with Winnetou, and one story set in South America, where the first person narrator (Karl May) travelled under the nom de guerre of El Rastreador.

Karl May: Faraway Fables (Includes Three Winnetou Stories)

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Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh

Around the world in twenty stories ... A selection of Karl May's shortest stories.

In 2007 I was drawn to Karl May's plethora of short stories, and some of them are real gems; between the Wild West, and the first incarnation of Winnetou, when he was still known as Inn-Nu-Woh, the Sioux chief (he morphed into Winnetou soon after that publication, Inn-Nu-Woh never made another appearance), and the far-away Oriental desert, where the esoteric figure of Merhameh, the girl named Mercy, weaved her magic, I followed Karl May's globetrotting route through Russia and Siberia, the Mongolian Desert, China, to the South Seas, into the Bay of Bengal, to South Africa, up to the Aleutian, and a sleigh ride through Lapland beneath the wondrous Aurora Borealis.

Inn-Nu-Woh, the Sioux chief, saves a young girl from a Bengal tiger; the Afrikander rescues his beloved bride from the Zulu; Anoui, the ehri of Papeete snatches his betrothed from the clutches of the evil missionaries; the Hoei-foei foils a treachery of the tjin-ti-tjung-fu in Burma; a troika carries the romisto and his lover towards a Siberian prison; Pent, uncle Saette and Neete go after the silver thief under the wintry Northern Lights of Lapland, and Merhameh, the merciful, brings peace to eastern Ardistan, a place deep in the Oriental hinterland.

Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh


The Joys & Agonies of Being Karl May

"I was Old Shatterhand, and I have in reality experienced all the adventures I write about!"

In 2005, while I was working on completing "Holy Night!", I translated a short biographical work that Karl May wrote as a promotional piece, 'The Joys & Agonies of Being Karl May'; it stood alone, at first, and the initial version is still on the German Karl May Society website; alas, I've re-edited it in the meantime, and then translated a short story of the Wild West, and a brief tale of the Orient, which, in my opinion, go well with May's tongue-in-cheek biographical etude. And so, in 2008, the not-so-big book 'The Joys & Agonies of Being Karl May' was born. The German title: 'Freuden und Leiden eines Vielgelesenen', may be translated in many different forms; I have not found a sufficiently clear short English term to satisfactorily translate the title; instead, I've settled upon: 'The Joys & Agonies of Being Karl May'.

He became so famous that “When in 1897 he visited Munich, the fire brigade was required to disperse the crowd in front of his hotel with the water hose, so that the tram could drive through. No German author ever reached such pop star status.” [see entire quote in The Travels of Winnetou & Shatterhand here]

The Joys & Agonies of Being Karl May - A day in the life of Old Shatterhand aka Kara ben Nemsi aka Karl May, a story of the Wild West, and a story of the Orient.

The Joys And Agonies Of Being Karl May



Old Shatterhnd - Genesis

The years 2007, 8, and 9 had been rather busy with a plethora of Karl May projects, and 2010 was no different; I set about collecting those Karl May stories that charted the evolution of the 'young German greenhorn' in the Wild West; how he, the future Old Shatterhand, and Winnetou, his best friend and greatest chief of all Apache, developped into the blood brother pair of the later best-selling 'green books'. 'Old Shatterhand-Genesis' was published in May 2011, and is dedicated to Lex Barker, THE Old Shatterhand on the big silver screen.

How did Old Shatterhand receive his famous name? How did the young adventurer really meet Winnetou? Who is Ellen? What do Bill Hawkens and Big Sam have in common? When did ‘Sharlih’ set foot on American soil for the first time? Old Shatterhand—Genesis combines several crucial early Wild West stories, which formed the nucleus of Karl May’s later novels, the famous ‘green books’, in a fresh and entertaining translation. Old Shatterhand—Genesis presents a collection of important early Winnetou stories that have contributed to the development of the Apache’s character, and at the same time depict the young German adventurer’s own ‘coming of age’ in the Wild West. Old Shatterhand—Genesis offers a unique glimpse into how the writer Karl May constructed and developed his fictional life in the Wild West.


Old Shatterhand - Genesis (A Winnetou Story Collection)


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