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Young Old Surehand teams up with Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and Apanatshka

In 2006 I started on the translation for 'Old Surehand - Book 1 and 2 ... What about Karl May's own three-volume edition, titled 'Old Surehand I', 'II', and 'III'?

Some of the unrelated tales told in May's original 'Old Surehand II' of 1895, have been translated and incorporated into other, dedicated works: 'Old Shatterhand-Genesis', and 'Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh'. The sequence in the Jefferson City Hotel (the framework that May created to integrate said stories) has been left intact with minor adjustments where the individual texts had been inserted by May.

Readers may argue that May's original 'Old Surehand II' ought to have been translated as it had been assembled, it is a fair comment; however, the interruption to the 'Old Surehand' story (represented by 'Old Surehand II', 1895) between 'Old Surehand I', 1894, and 'Old Surehand III', 1896, in my opinion, is far too long, and many readers may lose interest, or at best, skip the unrelated stories. In the interest of 'Old Surehand', one of the best Wild West adventures May wrote, the alternative, two-volume treatment of the tale is the preferable choice - always noting that it is my personal opinion as translator. More about the change from the three original volumes of the 1800s to the modern two-volume presentation in the introductory section of 'Book 2'.

A Winnetou Story. Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and their mysterious new friend Old Surehand are on a desperate mission into the Llano Estacado to defend Bloody Fox’ oasis hideaway against an attack by enemy Comanche.

Old Surehand - Book 1

Old Surehand - Book 1 (A Winnetou Story)


Old Shatterhand suspects who Bender is ...

From the hot, desolate Llano Estacado of Book 1, the hunt for the villains takes everyone to the cold, barren heights of the Rocky Mountains.

A Winnetou Story. The mystery surrounding Old Surehand and Apanatshka deepens. Old Shatterhand and Winnetou head a group in pursuit of dangerous villains to Devils Head, where the ‘general’ is unmasked.

Old Surehand - Book 2

Old Surehand - Book 2 (A Winnetou Story)

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Old Surehand - Hard cover edition

A Winnetou Story. (Hardcover/dust jacket format of the combined works Old Surehand - Book 1 and Old Surehand - Book 2) Precis: A note from his blood brother Winnetou calls Old Shatterhand to the desolate Llano Estacado. The Comanche are on the warpath and with hundreds of warriors plan to attack Bloody Fox’ secret oasis hideaway in the desert. En route to the desert, Old Surehand joins them and when the cactus trap falls shut behind the enemy Indians, Old Surehand and Apanatshka meet…

Old Surehand (A Winnetou Story)


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