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Karl May biography and a selection of short stories.


2006 was the beginning of another adventure...an idea was born, the idea of Karl May's biography, enveloped within and charted via his tales and novels, focussing on Winnetou. The work didn't have a name as yet; two years later, it was going to become the first English language biography of Karl May, titled 'Savage To Saint: The Karl May Story', described by best-selling German author Walter-Joerg Langbein as 'the most important book' he had ever read. Like Walter-Joerg Langbein, a sincere Karl May aficionado, I also believe that Karl May's unbelieveable success story has not yet been fully explored.

The journey of translating Karl May is not simply one of 'churning through oodles of text', on the contrary, it is a fascinating event, during which I have made the acquaintance of some remarkable people.

First English biography of Karl May with emphasis on his Wild West adventures, focus on Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, and work interpretation based on the more than 100-year-long Winnetou best-seller.

Savage To Saint: The Karl May Story

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Around the world in twenty stories ... A selection of Karl May's shortest stories.

Inn-Nu-Woh, the Sioux chief, saves a young girl from a Bengal tiger; the Afrikander rescues his beloved bride from the Zulu; Anoui, the ehri of Papeete snatches his betrothed from the clutches of the evil missionaries; the Hoei-foei foils a treachery of the tjin-ti-tjung-fu in Burma; a troika carries the romisto and his lover towards a Siberian prison; Pent, uncle Saette and Neete go after the silver thief under the wintry Northern Lights of Lapland, and Merhameh, the merciful, brings peace to eastern Ardistan, a place deep in the Oriental hinterland.

Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh: Short Stories by Karl May

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