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Acclaimed by experts as some of the most progressive teenage reading matter of the era (1880/90s) - Karl May's Adventure Stories, or Boy's Adventures - pulp fiction for teenagers.

The Inca's Legacy, a delightful adventure novel, was published on Lulu.com in 2009. In 2010, I finished and published the translation of 'Black Mustang', which I had begun towards the end of 2009.

During December of 2010, I prepared my next boys' adventure translation, the Karl May novel for 2011, 'The Treasure In Silver-Lake'.

As the translation took its course, 'The Treasure In Silver-Lake' developed into a truly international creation. Karl May friends from Europe, America, Indonesia, as well as Australia, turned Karl May's most acclaimed novel into a special work, and a worthy publication for the 2012 Karl May anniversary year. It was published in March, 2012, to mark the centenary of Karl May's last public appearance, a speech in Vienna - his victory over his adversaries, eight days before he passed on.

Because the English version of the movie, 'Der Schatz im Silbersee' carries the title 'The Treasure of Silver Lake', or 'Treasure of Silver Lake', it has been suggested that an English language translation of Karl May's novel ought to also carry the title '...of Silver Lake'. I disagree; the novel title is 'Der Schatz im Silbersee' about a treasure submerged in the lake. 'Silbersee', a German compound word (silver + lake) may be translated in two ways: Silver Lake, or Silver-Lake; because  the word 'silver' (in itself a common noun, requiring no upper case initial) attains proper noun status by being used as the name of a lake, a hyphen in this case is simply personal choice, to more closely resemble May's one-word German compound name of the lake in question, 'Silbersee', as is my preference for the preposition 'in', denoting the treasure's true location, 'in the lake'.

In 2013, I completed the translations for 'The Bear Hunter's Son', and 'The Phantom of Llano Estacado'. The two boys' adventures (or adventure novels) were published in January, 2014. In 'The Phantom of Llano Estacado', the intrepid, tetchy, travelling scholar and pseudo scientist, Hobble-Frank, takes the opportunity to correspond with his fans on a personal basis, and to recount one of his own adventures.

In January 2015 I published the last of my Winnetou translations: The Oil Baron; once again, Hobble-Frank is in his element as he gives elaborate explanations on his view of the universe, history and everything else.



The Bear Hunter's Son
During an unusual adventure, two boys take matters into their own hands when they think Old Shatterhand is not doing enough ... and get themselves into huge trouble.

Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, Fat Jemmy, Long Davy, as well as Martin, the Bear Hunter's Son, and Wohkadeh, a young Mandan warrior, ride into the Yellowstone National Park to save the Bear Hunter from the clutches of a group of vengeful Sioux.

Karl May: The Bear Hunter's Son (An Adventure With Winnetou)

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The Phantom of Llano Estacado
Mysterious young Bloody-Fox rides the Llano Estacado to rid the desert of the villainous gang of outlaws who rob and kill travellers. When a phantom appears out of nowhere, the mystery deepens. ~~~ Contains additional section with writings by 'Hobble-Frank'; his description of 'Villa Bearfat', how to make a lasso, his train encounter during his return journey from Zanzibar, and more ...

Karl May: The Phantom Of Llano Estacado (An Adventure With Winnetou)

 ~~~~~~ BOOK ~~~~~~

The Treasure in Silver-Lake
Old Firehand, Aunty Droll, Black Tom and the engineer Butler head west on the Arkansas paddle steamer; Winnetou joins them at Eagle Tail where he and his friends foil the outlaws' planned attack on the railroad; Old Shatterhand is riding towards the Elk Mountains when he is captured by the Utah; but he escapes and meets his old friends again. The blood brothers Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, in the company of the other famous Westerners, then continue their journey and head up into the higher altitudes of the Rocky Mountains towards the mystical Silver-Lake ... and its treasure. ~~~ Contains details of Old Shatterhand's 'magic' rifle, and the 'location' of Silver-Lake. Chapter 'Research' made available under Creative Commons conditions.

Karl May: The Treasure In Silverlake (An Adventure With Winnetou)

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The Oil Baron
The last of my Karl May 'Winnetou' translations was published in January 2015: 'The Oil Baron'. Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, Hobble-Frank, Aunty Droll, Sam Hawkens, and his side-kicks, Will Parker and Dick Stone, guide settlers through the Wild West, and foil the plans of the evil oil baron, who intends to defraud an unsuspecting banker with a massive oil swindle.


Black Mustang
Black Mustang is both, a mythical steed, and a less-than-charming, ill-tempered chief.Winnetou and Old Shatterhand help two cousins find their fortune in the Wild West, and on their ride through the Rocky Mountains save Firwood Camp from Tokvi-Kava's night-time attack.

Karl May: Black Mustang (An Adventure With Winnetou)

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The south was also still very 'wild' in Karl May's time ...
The Inca's Legacy
During an unusual bullfight in Buenos Aires, German zoologist Dr Morgenstern and his servant Fritze make the acquaintance of Father Jaguar. The two German adventurers travel through Argentina to unearth the fossilized remains of dynosaurs but are ambushed and imprisoned by enemy Indians and a group of revolutionaries fighting against the government. Famous Father Jaguar rescues the two travellers; Morgenstern and Fritze join his group of yerbateros for the ride through the Gran Chaco. Along the way, two mysterious Peruvians, Anciano and Haukaropora, join them, as they have the same destination—Peru. When the yerbateros clash with the revolutionaries in a bloody skirmish, Father Jaguar comes face to face with his mortal enemy. However, the villainous gambusino escapes. The pursuit leads the yerbateros, as well as Morgenstern and Fritze high into the South American Cordilleras where the mythical gold treasure of the ancient Inca rulers is said to be hidden.
Karl May: The Inca's Legacy (A South American Adventure)
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