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It made its writer an overnight sensation!

In 2006 circumstances prompted me to translate volume two of the Winnetou trilogy before any other; 'Winnetou II' was also first published under the BookSurge banner, but as was the case with "Holy Night!", CreateSpace simply wasn't quite 'me'.

I re-edited, and re-formatted the text of 'Winnetou II', adjusted the cover to fit in with the new design, which features Karl May's portrait on a rosette, and in 2008 (together with volume one and volume three, as well as all other Karl May novels I had translated by then) published its new edition on Lulu.com.

In 2008, I became the first author/translator to have translated and produced the entire unabridged Winnetou trilogy from Karl May's last authorised version of 1909; it is the first publishing of the unabridged trilogy as a homogeneous work by a single translator in English (including editing and proof reading, design and formatting, as well as cover art).

My translation of the 'Winnetou' trilogy is now available in three editions: The traditional three-volume set in paperback; the one-volume hard cover; the unique six-volume pocket size edition (featured separately).

Videos to accompany the Winnetou Trilogy

Winnetou I

This is the first volume of the Winnetou trilogy. Best-selling since 1893. During his first journey into the Wild West, a young greenhorn--Karl May, the adventurer--meets a young Apache, called Winnetou, while performing his job as a railroad surveyor in the Wild West. The first encounter is not at all amicable and during a violent Indian attack, the young German is near-fatally wounded. He is taken to the Apache pueblo to be nursed back to health, destined to die by torture at the stake…


Winnetou I - Winnetou Trilogy Volume One

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To work on his fame with the inspired idea to create a trilogy for Winnetou was Karl May's aim.

Winnetou II
This is 
the second volume of the Winnetou trilogy. Best-selling since 1893. Bizarre circumstances lead Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and their friend Old Death on a ride through the Mapimi desert; this will be the last journey for one of them. Later, when Old Shatterhand rescues a young boy from a disastrous oil fire in New Venango his heroic deed has far-reaching implications. The blood brothers cross paths again in Nebraska where they and Old Firehand must face the cruel white Indian chief Parranoh…

Winnetou II - Winnetou Trilogy Volume Two

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The emotions released in the third book of the Winnetou trilogy, is what makes Karl May's Winnetou so unforgettable; all three books were published in the same year: 1893

Winnetou III
This is 
the third volume of the Winnetou trilogy. Best-selling since 1893. Old Shatterhand meets Sans-Ear and they team up to save a train from being derailed and robbed by the treacherous Comanche. When they meet Winnetou unexpectedly, they continue their pursuit of the villains into the Sacramento Valley and the famous goldfields of California, but the ‘deadly dust’ demands a sacrifice. While undertaking a journey into the Rocky Mountains, Old Shatterhand makes the acquaintance of an undercover policeman, Fat Walker. Their trip is cut short when they come upon the burnt-out wreck of another train. Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and their new friend trap the railtroublers, and then embark upon a mercy dash to save what can be saved of Helldorf settlement. However, they are too late—when Winnetou and Old Shatterhand descend into the crater on Hancock Mountain to free the captive settlers, disaster strikes. Then, Old Shatterhand returns to Nugget-tsil...

Winnetou III - Winnetou Trilogy Volume Three

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Complete Winnetou Trilogy
This is the h
ard cover edition of the Winnetou trilogy

Complete Winnetou Trilogy

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