Karl May Friends

Interview by BDA books, Independent Book Publishers

The Secret Life of Marlies Bugmann, Author, Artist, Translator.

Interview by Deutsche Welle for article (full text here) about Karl May on the 100th anniversary of his death (30th March 1912) - excerpt:

"He quite clearly engendered a sympathetic feeling, or emotion, towards the American Indians, and he did so in a very emphatic, personal way," said May translator Marlies Bugmann, who is currently working on a new English translation of "The Treasure in Silver Lake."

And while the "overall picture" of May's depiction of the American frontier is essentially correct - including the "influx of white immigrants, the push westwards, the marginalization of the native population" - Bugmann added that the actual details of his stories are heavily romanticized.

"By bringing the plight of the Native American people to the German readers in a very colorful, emotional, personal narrative, he struck a chord within the soul of his readers. Hence, you could say that Germans after reading May's works approach the 'Indians' as brothers."

(Interview by Gabriel Borrud, 26 March 2012 for www.dw.de)

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