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Up to 22 May 2019, I have never made Wikipedia text entries; Wikipedians are much better-suited to act as care-takers of Wikipedia texts-and I thank them for keeping vandals out as Wikipedia is a primary source of research for me. However, on 22 May 2019, to tie up some loose ends of my Henrystutzen research, I placed my research on an existing 'Henry Carbine' page - it consisted of a note about missing citations, and two badly worded paragraphs, and had been placed there in 2014. After having finished my text entry, the 'Henry Carbine' page redirected to the 'real' Henry Rifle. What a disappointment. But there is hope:

Wikipedia Henry Carbine - help needed!

Such is the fame of Karl May's fictional 'Henry Carbine' that it has received its own Wikipedia Page in English...well, almost;

Wikipedia redirects to the 'real' Henry Rifle, because an 'Out Of Universe' reference is required - German or English for the Henrystutzen, ...

"For reliability, we'd be looking for something in a fact-checked and editorially controlled or peer reviewed publication, not just posts on websites or blogs. It is very likely that this item is not notable. Most fictional weapons aren't; while there are a few exceptions, they'd be on the order of something like the Batarang or Excalibur, and this weapon doesn't appear to be studied in the same way as those are."

So there you go - the Henrystutzen is almost there, but not quite.

If anyone has the required reliable Out Of Universe, fact-checked, and editorially controlled, or peer reviewed publication AND knows how to operate Wikipedia, please feel free to take the wheel; history/comparison link, for the Wikipedia savvy:


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