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Thank you for visiting my website about Karl May, and for your interest in my 13-year endeavour of translating Karl May's Winnetou novels. During that time, I also created many illustrations as pencil sketches and/or colour images, all cover work, and a series of informative videos about each of the novels. Researching May's life, his source material, as well as the countries he wrote about resulted in the first English biography about the German author of the 19th century, Savage To Saint, The Karl May Story, my own 'fan fiction' work Out of Vandaemonia - Winnetou & Shatterhand in Australia, and an adaptation of his most popular romance novel of 19th century German-speaking Europe, Das Waldroeschen, titled The Rodriganda Romances, Dr Sternau's Odyssey on Three Continents. The links in the panel above detail the results of the 13-year long effort, which began in 2004 and concluded at the end of 2017.
Marlies Bugmann, 2018

My Karl May translations are available as e-books or
paperbacks from Amazon internationally (by title) or directly from

Karl May left many loose ends in his novels - incomplete arcs. He also left many time-gaps between parts.
Covid lockdowns provided the time to experiment with tying said ends, and filling those time gaps. 
Out of Vandaemonia, (available from Verlag Reinhard Marheinecke) takes advantage of such a time gap,
and Clipper Run is a natural sequel of it; it is also a sidequel (or interquel, midquel, and even crossover);
it occurs in the same time-frame as the original, sometimes contacting with the main narrative at points,
staying 'in-universe' with Karl May's fictional world - in short: there are many fun possibilities.
Clipper Run is available only from my tasmanianartist website (free sample via proton).
Unusual acknowledgment of my work and contributions to the world of Karl May in the 21st century.
In June 2015 the Karl May Gesellschaft proposed the inception of a Karl-May-Prize for Intercultural Understanding, see note #1 (in German only) in the end notes of the PDF below; it has not yet materialized; however, in the spirit of things, every now and then people who have distinguished themselves by bringing Karl May's works to an international community are nominated by ardent fans as a recipient of the imagined prize.
In Number 13 / 2020 of the newsletter issued by the Austrian Karl May Club, titled 'May-nungen', member Sr Mirjam introduced Karl May translator Marlies Bugmann to be nominated as a recipient of said imagined award, whether it will one day be reality or not.
What a lovely sentiment, and a wonderful acknowledgment of the 13 years of rewarding translations to create a series of English Karl May books that encompass all of Karl May's works with Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, and a few more.
(Article is in German)
Website of the Karl May Club Austria
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Videos that accompanied my translations are now retired;
The 'Six-Minute Karl May Biography' Video
remains a part of my Karl May website.


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