Karl May Friends

The 'Winnetou' number plate on 'Bee' is probably the only one in America. This car belongs to Karl May friend Philip.

Winnetou in America

Bee, the smart car, with a unique number plate, owned by
Philip Colston, Karl May fan, photographed in front of historic Caroline Church in Setauket on Long Island,
York State, USA.


Visit the new website of Lex Barker, the simpatico Hollywood actor who played Old Shatterhand in the German film history's most successful movie series.
New edition of biography by Reiner Boller now avaiable
(German only)


Gustavo Rojo (1923-2017)

Played Winnetou in Berlin; acted in several Karl May movies; more than seventy years of acting career.
Reiner Boller's biography of the simpatico and famous actor -- the 1001 adventures of his life --  is now available.
(German only)


Biography of legendary film score composer Martin Boettcher. The Winnetou Melody is one of the most recognizable pieces of music in European cinemas.

Winnetou-Melodie, by Reiner Boller

is the latest work, delving into the knowledge of the Mayan Civilization, by Walter-Jörg Langbein, Karl May aficionado and best-selling German author. He travels the world in search of answers to the great mysteries on our planet--and beyond. Available now (German only)


Menjelajah Negeri Karl May (out of print) by Pandu Ganesa (1953-2015), is the only book about Karl May in the Indonesian language, the publication of which was financed by the Ford Foundation. The title literally means: Across The Land Of Karl May, which is an apt title for this book; it contains more than fifty photographs, and was published in 2004 by Pustaka Primatama.

More Karl May publications by Paguyuban Karl May Indonesia here.

Pandu Genesa is the driving force behind the spread of Karl May's works in Indonesia.

Celui Qui Marche Dans la Beaute by Friedrich Abel et Robert Fiess, about the life of an Austrian Karl May fan, Friedrich Abel, who built a life among the native peoples of North America.

Interview (French) of co-author Robert Fiess

Reinhard Marheinecke, author of the German novel Winnetou und der alte Richter has been writing Karl May pastiche since 1993 and has to date published 42 of new Winnetou and Old Shatterhand novels. Winnetou und der alte Richter is the first of his novels to be translated into English (as Winnetou and the Old Judge; translation by Bugmann). His publishing house Verlag Reinhard Marheinecke features a range of Karl May related works, historic novels, as well as a number of quality publications for children.

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