Karl May Friends

Note to authenticity of Karl May's texts:

My English-language Karl May books are created from the  published versions that were authorized by Karl May (1842-1912) prior to 1912, as available from the public domain. They are authentic, sentence by sentence; and their introductions contain detailed explanations to any deviation to Karl May's own versions, as well as the results of fresh research conducted during the translation process.

My English renditions of Karl May’s texts are edited and proofed to the usage and style of international English (with Australian flavour on occasions, since I live in Australia, and just a wee hint of German accent), with particular attention to anachronisms, as well as period-correct flow of dialogue. They incorporate, within the translations, explanatory notes for terms that are specific to culture, era, and technology. Original errors (text-technical or factual) have been corrected, as they should have been by May’s own editors. I do not see the point in inventing an error in English for the sole purpose of capturing an error made more than 100 years ago in another language. I do not support stultifying word-for-word translation mirroring German syntax, and have endeavoured to present an inspired narration that, hopefully, presents May’s lively and often profound tales in their true spirit.

Marlies Bugmann, Karl-May Translator

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