Karl May Friends

Kara Ben Nemsi and his envisaged Orient

Known by the name of Kara Ben Nemsi, alias Karl May, the intrepid adventurer crisscrossed the entire Orient in the pursuit of adventure, learning about and from other cultures so he could write his books. He masters camels, rides a beautiful black Arabian stallion called Rih, becomes the champion of the poor and enslaved and in the process discovers a whole new meaning of life as he perceives it. His journeys take him from one exotic place to another and through his eyes we discover a world of friendship and brotherhood, but also of dangers and betrayal that requires Kara Ben Nemsi’s whole arsenal of wit and improvisation to survive the many trials of this ancient world.

His faithful side-kick who answers to the immortal and unforgettable name every boy and girl learned by heart: Hadji Halef Omar Ben Hadji Abul Abbas Ibn Hadji Dawud al Gossarah, proves his worth to Kara Ben Nemsi in his endearing and loveable manner on more than one occasion. We accompany Kara and Hadji on their travels from the Mediterranean shores through Persia, Arabia and other places that haven’t changed in thousands of years.

Friendships are formed that go beyond the superficial and transcend boundaries, beliefs and age-old hierarchical systems. With his respect for all of humanity regardless of skin colour or religious persuasion, Kara Ben Nemsi becomes a figure of the Orient known not only in the nomad tents of the tribal native Arabs, but also to the various officials of the Turkish Ottoman Empire's bureaucracy of the time.

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